App Updates!
Falling Bird

Both Falling Bird and Skippy Cat are available on the Apple App Store and Google's Play Store. You can find the links on their pages if you click their icons, or you might be able find them in a store search.

They've both had Everyplay replay recording, FaceCam commentary recording, and online video sharing features added to them. These are awesome features and I'm looing forward to adding them to all of my future games. It's really cool as a developer to actually see a players face twist and turn when they reach tricky sections that are there purely to create facial contortions.

See if you can crack a crazy score and add it to the growing library of replays.
Skippy Cat

*FaceCam recording is a feature of the Apple versions only.

Cool, cool,

Falling Bird - Update v1.1 released!
Falling Bird

The first update to Falling Bird has been released today, v1.1. The colours have had their vibrancy lifted, more achievements have been added, the play instructions have been clarified more, and new character "Kitteh Kat" has been introduced to the mix.

Several bugs have also been squished for pre-Retina devices.

Download The game has been very well received so far, and even reached Number One in the Free Family Games chart in both Australia and New Zealand!

Thanks for giving it a play!

Here's 2 new mini apps!
Falling Bird

So while taking a much needed break from Super World Karts, after my first kickstarter attempt, I found myself inspired by Dong Nguyen's work. I love that I dismissed Flappy Bird on my first few plays, as rubbish, only to keep trying to beat my best score all week and growing to admire its simplicity, and its ability to convert frustration into fun.

Download The first release comes in the form of Falling Bird, a small simple game where a bird is knocked from his nest, unable to fly properly, and must fall Left and Right to avoid crashing into branches. There are 4 coins to find along the way, the fourth being at 100 branches, which so far elludes me..

Skippy Cat

The second release, coming next week, is Skippy Cat. A classic one button game where you tap to skip a rope which gains in speed every 10 skips. The fun comes in when it catches you out as it drops to a slow speed, or even throws in random speeds! Everyone I've seen play this so far, has had a smile on their face when they fail, followed quickly by a press of the Retry button.

Both apps are freebies, and you can check them out on the App Store.

Good luck,

Introducing Super World Karts GP

Today I have begun a kickstarter project for my new game "Super World Karts" which I have been working on for the last 4 months. Hopefully the campaign is a success as I want that this game is great. It's going to be good either way but I want it to be the best it can be. So please, check out the project at kickstarter. You can also check out my twitter page if you want to see daily updates on how the game progresses.

Super World Karts GP -- Kicktraq Mini

I'm only 3 hours in to this, but however the campaign turns out, this is going to be a crazy 4 weeks!

See you on the flipside,
One Legged Seagull

Cable Ride update
Cable Ride

Cable Ride has come a long way and is now only needing 20 more stages and one more boss fight! The vast bulk of the coding is completed and most of what is left is in stage design. After passing the stage design duties over to my partner in crime, I have been able to start a new project, a retro karting game. More details on that soon too.

Weather permitting,

Rupture - EDGE Create GiG 2013 Contest

Well that was a crazy 3 weeks! I just uploaded "Rupture" which I created for the EDGE Creative GetIntoGames Unity3D contest.

Rupture screen1 Rupture screen3

The contest theme was "Do No Harm". I began the contest 6 weeks ago, but halfway in to making a wild-west themed knife throwing game, I wasn't feeling the contest theme coming through in the gameplay. So I did what every sane person would do with 3 weeks left to go, I started a new game! :D

I was able to skim a few functions I had created for DoctorKong, like online highscores, which helped speed things up a little. As the deadline was at midnight GMT I ended up staying awake through the night as midnight GMT is 8am here.. >.< I'm gonna need a king sleep!

So, give it a whirl here!

One Legged Seagull

Doctor Kong - mini side-project
Doctor Kong

I've put together a Doctor Who / Donkey Kong mashup game based on the brilliant T-Shirt design by Baz. It also features some sweet music by Doctor Octoroc (of 8-bitJesus fame!) :)

Doctor Kong screen1 Doctor Kong screen2

My boy helped me make this one, we made it as a father-son school holiday project. He created the sprites for the doctors animations and the mop. It took us 5 weeks to get it done, and we had a great time making it. He's only 9 years old, and had to learn how to use Photoshop, but I think he did a great job!

You may need to install the Unity3D plugin if you havent done that before.
AnyWho.. You can play it here!

One Legged Seagull

Gameplay Preview Trailer released!
Cable Ride

The first gameplay trailer of Cable Ride has just been released! There is still a long way to go before the game is completed but there is so much to show already that it couldn't wait any longer. There are plenty of levels to play and so far two boss fights are completed. Give the video below a watch and you should get a pretty good idea of what you'll be in for.

Hopefully a few more gameplay videos can be released along the way as more levels, bad guys, and bosses get added!

Keep on truckin'

Announcing our new game!
Cable Ride

Work has been steadily steamrollering along on the first game being developed by One Legged Seagull. It is being developed with the Unity3d game engine and will be made available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices before the end of 2020! (Android devices will be supported soon after.)

We cant wait to show off some screenshots soon but we're currently cleaning all of the game's nooks and crannys. For now you'll have to make do with meeting the main character of the game, Cattoo! He's a cute little fella whos girlfriend Katrina has just been kidnapped. You'll have to guide him on his perilous journey to save her. Of course, as is often the case, this journey will be full of elaborate challenges.

One Legged Seagull